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We Have added A Few Pages New and Surplus Items and a Great New Product

The Original Solar Generator Portable Power Pack. Click Here.

 Our new Get Off The Grid Store is now testing click here http://secure.getoffthegrid.com/presta/

 New Specials and Generator Overstock Click Here and below. 

Call 800-381-4684 for Special Pricing Through 11-1-12 on PV Panels Starting at .75 per watt on containers, Pallet pricing at .85 cents per watt and .95 panels or more. Panels US Made starting at only .90 per watt. Warranties by Third party insurers available so you can count on replacements even if the company is out of business years from now.

Inverters for Grid-Tie, Off The Grid, Solar Farms and now Micro Grid Applications are available from 1kw-500 kw.

We also have our Military tested and approved portable or stationary 1 Mega Watt multi-fuel Turbine Generators in production and at only 11ft long and 8500 lbs and mobile trailer mounted that can be pulled by most half ton trucks, carried by Blackhawks or easily shipped mounted, any application that needs tough, tested and guaranteed to out perform the others in a smaller and lighter weight package.

New Solar Thermal Water Heaters and Steibel Eltron Heat Pumps In Stock.
Solar water heaters complete from $1100. Solar AC systems from $2999 and up.

For Fabrication of Solar and Small Turbine Mounts or Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms  Call 352).397.2812.


 No One Else Can Offer The Service and Commitment We Have For Our Customers With Over 25 Years Exp.. & Dealers. World Wide Service To Serve You Better. Offering the Latest Products, Design, Research, Installation, Speciality Manufacturing, Fabrication and Prototyping.
Got an Idea or Invention in Alternative Energy we can help get it built and to market. Use Our Contacts to Make Your Idea a Reality.    

Municipalities & Counties if you are in Search of Solutions to your Solid Waste and Landfill Issues, Contact us for Income Opportunities from Your Trash.    

If you would like a free design guide or booklet from Get Off The Grid titled Do It Yourself Solar, Wind and Hydro, send us an email and we will forward one to you.

We Are Still Seeking Dealers and Qualified Installers in Many Areas.

If Think You Measure Up E-Mail Us Your Qualifications.

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Our Motto; We Think People Should Rely Less On The Government and More On Each Other. Being Off The Grid Is A Way Of Life Not Just A Temporary Fix To A Problem. Today Most People Do Not Care About Anything But Money, T.V. And A Nice Car. These Things Won't Mean Nothing When Your Gone So Take Some Time Out From The Rat Race And Try To Live A Little Cleaner On The Planet So Our Kids Will Have Something To Live For.